How Much Does a Bushel of Shelled Corn Weigh?


A bushel of corn weighs 56lbs. If you would like to see what other grains weigh, go here:
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A bushel of corn weighs around 55-56 pounds. That is a lot of corn. So if you plan to get a bushel, get a big pot and invite a lot of friends over.
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Corn is one of the most popular and historic vegetables we still eat today. It's weight really depends on what type of corn and how big the ear of corn actually ...
The price for a bushel of corn is always changing. Recently, it hit a record high, $6 a bushel as December 2012. Back in 2007, a bushel of corn was only $3.40. ...
Most farmers plant from 30,000 to 35,000 corn plants per acre. Planting 30,000 corn plants per acre will yield around 180 to 200 bushels of corn per acre, depending ...
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