How Much does a Car Alignment Cost?


It will normally cost between $60 to $120 for an alignment. Of course, you might need more than just an alignment, especially if the tread on your tires are wearing unevenly. It's always good to have it checked out to find if there is anything other than a basic alignment issue going on. Be safe while driving on the road! You can find more information here:
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You will have to call around to your local auto service shops to find an exact quote on this, as prices can vary greatly by location. But, in general, it depends on your vehicle type, as to what kind of alignment you will need. A rear wheel drive vehicle usually only needs a two wheel alignment. A front wheel or all wheel drive vehicle will probably need a four wheel alignment.

In my area a two wheel alignment runs between $30 and $40 USD. A four wheel alignment can cost $60 to $80 USD. So ask around to find reputable service providers, and call them up to find out what they charge.
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