How Much Does a Car Tune up Cost for a 2005 Nissan Altima?


It's really hard to give an exact amount. The charge for a tune up is going to depend on what part of the country you live in and if you go to a dealer ship or local garage. I would plan on spending around $500.00 for a complete tune up.
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You must first know what you want to "tune up" it sounds like you might just be talking about oil change, tires, fluid changes. And all that can be done at a service center
You can find steel rims for the 2005 nissan altima for as cheap as
The Altima is the 2nd beat selling car in America as to what I've seen in magazines. Altima is a great car, like the other person said your dad probably hates non american cars. I
I have Nissan Altima 2000 & they have code p0744 then I change torque convertor. and agene it came the code what is the problem?
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