How Much Does a Carmax Sale Consultant Make?


A Carmax sales consultant might make as much as $80,000 a year. This depends on their overall motivation. Sometimes they can make more if they sell a lot of cars.
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: Carmax Sales Person Commission. Carmax sales people get $75 for helping start the sale and $75 for closing the sale. They make a maximum of $150 on a car sale if they start and
Probably around $30,000 a year. Just a guess. But it depends on whether it's salary only, salary plus commission and bonus, etc. But I'm going to say around $30,000 for those with
A CarMax Sales Consultant's average annual salary is
Sales and leasing consultants work in new or used car departments at dealerships. At multi-brand dealerships, a consultant may be assigned to a single brand or to multiple franchises
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