How Much Does a Carton of Cigarettes Cost?


The price of a carton of cigarettes varies by several factors. The cost depends on the location. The brand of cigarettes also effects the cost of a carton.
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The answer "it would of cost 5 to 10 cents back in 1955" is so untrue it makes my head spin. The cost of a pack of cigarettes was $ .25 in 1955 which translates to $2.50
Depending on where you live, a carton of Marlboros is around $20.
A Carton of Marlboro Lights in soft pack are $41.99. If you shop online they are as cheap as $30.99. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 04:43AM EST. Source
anywhere from 65 to 90 dollars taxes are killer
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As long as the purchase is made in accordance with international postal regulations and standards. Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online complies with all international ...
In Ontario as of 2012 a carton of legal cigarettes costs about $80. There is also a large problem with illegal cigarettes in Ontario. These only cost about $10 ...
As of January 2013, the current prices to be found for a carton of cigarettes in Pennsylvania is about $68.00. If you can find a smoke shop that exclusively sells ...
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