How Much Does a Case of Corona Extra Beer Cost?


How much a case of Corona Extra beer costs varies from one area to another. There are 24 bottles of this popular beer to a case. On average it costs about $1 per beer, so a case can cost about $24 or slightly more.
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The average cost for a 12-pack of Corona in
The amount you will spend of a case of beer varies according to brand of beer, region in which the beer is purchased and if the beer is on sale. Generally, on the average a case of
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the bottle costs 6 pesos-about 60 american cents-but they´ll refund the money when u bring it back to the store. the liquid is an other 7 pesos.arund 15 or 16 pesos for all.
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Corona Extra is a type of beer that has an alcohol content of 4.6 percent. A case of 6 Corona Extra costs around $8. ...
Corona is a type of pale ale beer known as Corona Extra. Many people like to put a lime in the bottle before drinking it. A 24 pack can cost around $25 as of 2012 ...
This depends on what you purchase. For example, a six pack of Corona costs about $8.00 to $9.00, while a single can of beer, like KeyStone can be about $1.50. ...
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