How Much does a Cashiers Check Cost?


The amount you pay for a cashier's check can vary from bank to bank. Bank of America charges around $6. The nice thing about receiving a cashier's check, is that there in no doubt that it is good since the issuing bank guarantees it.
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Many people wonder "What is a Cashier's Check?" In this day and age of debit cards and electronic transfers, this once-important form of money handling is growing less popular
1. Take cash to a bank. If you have an account with the bank, they may be able to take the money from your account. 2. Provide the teller with the information needed to print the
1. Prepare the necessary information. To procure a cashier's check, you will need to tell the bank how to fill it out. This means you will need to know the payee (and how their name's-Check
A customers who purchases a cashier's check pays for the full face value$-5...
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