How Much Does a Catalytic Converter Cost?


The price for a catalytic converter will vary based on the store selling them, as well as the location of the buyer. MagnaFlow has a universal catalytic converter they sell for $92. However, they also have a direct fit version that sells for $288.00
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I don't know about the catalytic converter (typically Rangers -at least the 4.0L V6 has 2 catalytic converters) But for the rest of the exhaust system : with 2 prebend pipes, gaskets
This deserves a second opinion. You don't mention make, model, or year (and at those prices I assume you are in California, or it is a Toyota) but most catalyst converters that are
The cost to replace the Catalytic
Just one? Probably around 175-200 including labor (weld in) in most locations. If you want bolt on they sell them in packages (left and right) for around 350 (non oem) with installation
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