How Much Does a Cataract Operation Cost?


As of April 2012, the cost of a cataract operation runs from £995 per eye. You should however check your Insurance policy to to see whether they cover the eye surgery.
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The following costs are per eye. They include $250 Medical Indemnity Insurance and are payable at the first post-operation visit Please note that you will be required to cover the
Cataract surgery costs approximately $4000 per eye for a single vision lens. This includes the anesthesiologist, tests, and medications.
Standard cataract surgerywith a monofocal intraocular lens (IOL) in the United States is covered by Medicare and most insurances. What is not included is some of the testing, the
Hi there, Where do you live in US? Usually cataract surgery will cost around $3000 but the price can vary for few reasons, like what technique is used and is there any other complication
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The cost for a private operation depends on what kind of surgery you are having. For example, a cataract operation for a single eye will cost you between £ ...
The cost of canine cataract surgery depends on whether it is one or both eyes that are being operated on. It also depends on whether you have a pet medical insurance ...
The cost of dog cataract surgery must take into account whether both eyes are operated on, the cost of the vet fee, lab fees, and post-operative care. On average ...
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