How Much Does a Chevy Cavalier Weigh?


How much a Chevy Cavalier weighs depends on the exact make and model. On average, a Cavalier weights 2,565 pounds.
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Around 2300-2500 lbs.
1995-04 Chevy Cavalier Stock Weight - 2787 lbs (Z24 Manual Transmisson)
1. Disable the air bag system if your Cavalier model is equipped with one. This will prevent you from accidentally triggering an impact sensor. Consult your car owner's manual if
The curb weight for the 1995-2005 Cavalier is 2,676 pounds. The 2 door coupe weighs 2,617 pounds! report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 10:46AM EST. Source:
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