How Much Does a Chevy Suburban Weigh?


A Chevy Suburban can weigh up to three-fourths of a ton. However, this depends on the model you choose. Each Chevy Suburban is designed for a different purpose, which range from utility to family. For example, the 2013 'Three Quarter Ton' Chevy Suburban was designed to tow up 9,600 pounds.
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my 1995 k1500 suburban weighs in at 6,000 lbs. full of fuel.
1. Remove the seats from the cargo area. To take out the back (third) row of seats, release the two clips you can access from the cargo area. There is one clip on each end underneath
A 2005 Chevy Suburban weighs 7000 lbs. ChaCha again soon.
A 2009 Chevrolet Suburban (2WD) has a curb weight of 2836 lbs (front) and 2851 lbs (rear) The heavy-duty Suburban 2500 models have a 383 lb-ft of torque. report this answer. Answered
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