How Much Does a Chihuahua Cost?


A chihuahua can cost between 50 and 2000 dollars depending on where a person gets the dog and what type of chihuahua it is. There are also a lot of rescues that will have much lower prices.
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If it doesn't have papers then around £300. If it does then it could even cost £600. But this all varies as the person who is selling them may be greedy for money.
The average price for a Chihuahuas Puppies is $675.00 to $3,500.00. Pets may be adopted
anywhere from 50-75 for adoption. You might want to check if the shots come with the adoption. Also, bedding, good food(earthborn) water dish, leash, collar, and the most important.time
There are some for 300-3000 dollars, but you can adopt them for less than that at the ASPCA.
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Chihuahua puppies can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a thousand dollars or more, depending on the breed where you purchase them from.
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