How Much Does a Childminder Earn?


Childminders earn an average of £11,650 per year. How much an individual childminder actually earn depends on the agreement between them and the parents. See this for more information:
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When I was looking at a childminder for my daughter they ranged from about £5-£8 an hour that they charge. It doesn't sound loads but then multiply that by the number
about £5.00 per hour in my area. £30.00-£40.00 per day. depending on space and experience up to a maximum of 6 children. that's over a grand a week for 6 full timers
Childminders in London can earn 350-500 GBP per week in London so this would equal 18,200-26,000 GBP per year.
Most childminders run their own business so it will be up to you to set your own fees. You will charge an hourly, daily or weekly fee for each childminding place that is used, so
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To determine how much a childminder can earn would depend on many factors. How many children will there be and what would the hours be.
Registered child minders can earn up to 16,000 pounds per annum. Child minding is an ideal business to run from home and become one's own boss and it is a good way to make extra cash.
Live-in nannies (child-minders) can expect to earn, an average of £328 a week (net) in central London and Daily nannies can expect to earn, an average of £408 a week (net) in central London as full-time wages
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