How Much Does a Childminder Earn Per Hour?


A registered childminder can care for up to six children 8 years and younger (providing no more than three are younger than 5). Based on an average hourly rate of £3.84 per child, this gives the childminder an hourly rate of £23.04.
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 Childminders set their own fees, which can range from £3 to £6 an hour per child
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Childminders earn an average of £11,650 per year. How much an individual childminder actually earn depends on the agreement between them and the parents. ...
A childminder is a person who takes care of children and will fit in with things that are already done in the child's normal routine. Childminders costs vary from ...
Childminding rates in the UK as at 2010 were £3.84 per child per hour. This fee however depends on a number of factors such as region, services offered and ...
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