How Much Does a College Student Spend on Food?


It depends largely on where it is you are living as to how much you would spend on food as a college student. You can usually spend around $150 on food monthly.
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College students spend around 150 to 250 a month on food and beverage, if you take that and multiply it by 12, you have around 1800 to 3000 a year in food.
It depends greatly on a few things. If you're a freshaman and you're living on campus you will be getting a meal plan. A meal plan will typically cost about $800 or $900 a semester.
I chatted with a chef at Google once a few years ago and we came up with an estimate of $6-7 per person per day (for the food). So, serving food 5 days per week to roughly 20,000
Each year, college students spend about $5.5
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