How Much Does a College Student Spend on Food?


It depends largely on where it is you are living as to how much you would spend on food as a college student. You can usually spend around $150 on food monthly.
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College students spend around 150 to 250 a month on food and beverage, if you take that and multiply it by 12, you have around 1800 to 3000 a year in food.
1. Apply for food stamps by filling out a food stamp application. Any social security (SS) office possesses these applications for distribution and you should find out where the nearest
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The amount of money that college students spend on food will vary. Many will buy a lot of junk food and fast food increasing the bill. A single college student ...
College students spend a lot of money in the before classes on coffee in the morning. Students can spend about $45 a week on coffee. That would amount up to about ...
On average college students spend about $13,000 annually as of 2013. College students earn around $757 from earnings, parents and other sources. The typical age ...
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