How Much Does a College Student Spend on Food?


It depends largely on where it is you are living as to how much you would spend on food as a college student. You can usually spend around $150 on food monthly.
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Nevada (UNR) During the school year I usually go out once, maybe twice, a week. I am not a big dancer or clubber, but I will go to one of the college bars or casino bars and hang
150-200 pounds a month.
Tip #1: don't eat out; you can make three, maybe four, well-balanced meals for the price of one meal at a sit-down or take-out restaurant. Tip #2: become friends with rice (white
hello Nairo, Interesting you would like to live on $636 which is about 550 Euro. I would say that is not enough, to rent, travel and eat (and going out)... You may need atleast around
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