How Much Does a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Cost?


Craftmatic Adjustable Beds have a website but they do not list any pricing. They require a person to fill out contact information and they will in turn contact you. Prices vary depending on if they are running a sale.
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It all depends on where, when and what. Where it is located: Cities are more expensive than rural locations. When you want to go: Peak seasons are more expensive than off season.
If you are looking for moving labor services, it should be under $500 total. can give you an exact price, here is a SF query that (today) totals $205.00:
i got this queen size memory foam mattress which isn't temperpedic. it was about $400 or so at i've never tried temperpedic but this one just does the job. i have a
Murphy Beds vary in price from $700-1300 and then there are charges for the mattress
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