How Much Does a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Cost?


Craftmatic Adjustable Beds have a website but they do not list any pricing. They require a person to fill out contact information and they will in turn contact you. Prices vary depending on if they are running a sale.
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1. Order the free Craftmatic Adjustable Bed catalog and video. A Craftmatic Adjustable Bed is a high quality bed offering improved health, well-being and a great night's sleep. This
Craftamatic adjustable beds are pretty adjustable. One can electronically adjust the bed nearly 70 degrees on either the headboard end or the foot end of the bed.
No inventor named but the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed was 1st sold over 40
If only there is a bed that can guarantee good sleep and improved health, every person will definitely be dying to buy one. With the introduction of Craftmatic Adjustable Bed, the
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The cost of the craftmatic bed vary depending on the size, model and mattress. The price averages around $1,700. They can be bought used for less though. ...
The price of a Craftmatic bed starts at around $2000 for a twin, and up to around $3100 for a King. These prices are for the basic models. You can find more information ...
Chinchillas, on average, cost around $150-$200. The start up costs for a cage, bedding, food, and supplies can cost an additional $200-$300. It is best to buy ...
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