How much does a cubic foot of water weigh?


At 70 degrees Fahrenheit, one cubic foot of water weighs approximately 62.30 pounds. Keep in mind, however, that the density of water, and thus its weight by volume, fluctuates based on its temperature. Water that is warmer than 70 F weighs less, while water that is cooler than 70 F weighs more.

According to the USGS Water Science School, a gallon of water at 70 F weighs approximately 8.33 pounds. To arrive at the weight of a cubic foot of water, multiply the weight of one gallon of water by the total number of gallons in a cubic foot, which is 7.48 gallons. The product of the two numbers, and thus the approximate weight in pounds of a cubic foot of water, is 62.30.

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#1: This question is easier to solve by first converting the volume to cubic centimetres (millilitres) because 1 millilitre of water weighs 1 gram and 1 litre weighs 1 kilogram. 1
A cubic foot of water weighs 28317 grams (62.4282 lb). ChaCha on!
Water weighs 62.416 pounds per cubic foot at 32F and weighs 61.998 pounds per cubic foot at 100F! report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 06:29AM EST. Source:
1. Divide the number of cubic inches in one cubic foot by the number of cubic inches in one gallon. The result is the number of gallons in one cubic foot. For example, a cubic foot
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