How Much Does a Cubic Inch of Steel Weigh?


The weight of a cubic inch of steel is about .2833 pounds. It is found using a very simple equation. It can be found using the equation of height times length times width.
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0.283 pounds per cubic inch.
Garden supply companies sell their bulk products by the cubic yard. This is 26 cubic feet and three cubic yards can easily fill the back of a standard sized pickup. Because of the
The only way you could feasibly answer this question is if we had the can, and weighed it, or had the volume of the can itself.
The density of lead is 11.34g per cubic centimetre. As there are 16.387 cubic centimetres in one cubic inch, one cubic inch of lead weighs 11.34 X 16.387 or. 185.83grams. In ounces
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