How much does a Delorean cost?


You can pick up an original Delorean, like that in Back to the Future, for about $5000. They did not hold up well do to lack of practicality. You couldn't open the doors if parked between two cars and there wasn't much internal room. There are companies claiming to make new Delorean's but these are simply new cars made from salvaged old ones. Those run about 50,000 dollars and they have held little interest.
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WOW! A Delorean! You have to admit it reminds you of the movie Back to the Future. Awesome movie! The Delorean was created for a very short time and only cam in a silver/raw metal color you could say. They do not make these cars anymore and you would have to search for a private owner more than likely. It is very hard to give a price range for this vehicle. I know somebody who picked up one for $5,000.00 once. I also have seen them sell for $30,000.00 as well. There is even a company out there that will build a 'kit car' of the Delorean in anyway you want to design it for around $57,000.00. So as you see you would need to do your research to find the best deal for you.
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