How Much Does a Dermatologist Cost?


On average, the cost of visiting a dermatologist would be around $50-$100. This price is simply for the visit and does not include the treatment. If you are going in for treatment such as a diamond peel, your total payment will increase greatly.
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i am seeing a dermatologist in two weeks. the appointment costs $250, it is at the Miami children hospital they also said any procedure is extra. i think the cost depends on the quality
A dermatologist would cost $200 - $5000 depending on what you're getting done. Thank
Hi, Its totally depends upon the dermatologist and the city too. It cost around Rs 50,000 in metro city.
Hi Tasha(: The cream will help to minimize the appearance. Moisturizing will help from worsening and condition your skin. I say opt for the cream or for a self tanner. If you apply
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The cost of a visit to the dermatologist depends on the dermatologist you go to, the state it is in and what you intend to have done while there. In 2012, the ...
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