How Much Does a Dime Bag Weigh?


A dime bag of marijuana weighs two grams. The lowest price for a dime bag is around $10. As of December 2012, marijuana has only been decriminalized of a couple of states.
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I would assume one is talking about marijuana with this question which is legally available in some western states. In Northern California it is around .7 a gram for ten dollars.
Well. it all depends on how much you want to sell each dime bag for. Lets say. each dime bag it worth. 8 bucks. just see how many dime bags you have. I'd say you have yourself a god
A dime bag is a general term for $10 worth of marijuana. The weight will
A dime bag full of weed weighs approximately 1 1/2 grams. Remember you can
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A dime sack is one half of an ounce. It weighs about ten grams. It measures in a bag at about two fingers deep. Meanining if you stretch out your index and middle ...
A dime bag of weed weighs about two grams. The cost of a dime bag is about $10. As of December 2012, marijuana is decriminalized in only a couple of states. ...
The average weight of a dime bag of marijuana should be one gram. The average cost of a dime bag of marijuana should be ten dollars. It could weigh or cost more ...
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