How Much Does a Dime of Weed Weigh?


A dime bag of weed weighs about two grams. The cost of a dime bag is about $10. As of December 2012, marijuana is decriminalized in only a couple of states.
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Depends, but usually around 1/2 a gram
A dime bag is about a gram, but many dealers vary and sell it on their
Marijuana is illegal. A dime is about 4 grams and costs anywhere from $10 to $15 in the USA. Ask us!
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A dime of weed can weigh around 3.5 grams if it is commercial quality weed. If it is medium quality weed a dime of weed will weigh around 1.75 grams. If it is hydro quality weed a dime of weed will weigh .5 of a gram.
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