How Much Does a Discus Weigh?


The discus weighs 4.4 pounds, or 2 kilograms. The discus for the men's event measures 8.6-8.7 inches. The discus for the women's event measures 7.1-7.2 inches.
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It weighs 2.2 pounds.
A discus must weigh at least 4.4 lbs (2 kg) for men's events, 2.2 lbs (1 kg) for
There are different weights depending on your age. highschool disci for men weigh 1.6kg, and 1kg for women, 2kg for Olympic men and still 1 kg for women. Shot puts weigh 4kg for women
In U.S. High School Track and Field, boys typically throw a discus weighing 1.616 kg or 3 lb 9 oz.
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A high school discus typically weighs 1.616 kg. This is around 3.8 pounds. It is considerably lighter than an Olympic discus. However, weight also depends on whether ...
In sporting events, the discus weighs 2 kg for the men's category and 1 kg for the women. It's an event in the track and field athletics competition. The discus ...
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