How much does a DJ get paid?


How much a deejay earns depends on the type of gig he or she is playing and the quality services he offers as a deejay. Professional deejays can earn up to 3, 000 pounds per session while lower rated ones can earn an average of 500 pounds per session. It however depends on the type of event and the popularity of the deejay.
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How Much Does a DJ Get Paid?
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DJ's get paid according to the type of shows they participate in. If you are a DJ and you get to participate in a high profile show probably you will be paid well, if you participate in a low profile show you will be paid peanuts. It also depends with your manager, promoters, agents and your PR, if they have good negotiating skills you will likely to be given a good deal. There is no fixed amount for the DJ's, the contract is normally negotiated.
DJs earn an average of between £50 and £300 a session, however club DJ with much experience earn up to £1,000 a session. There also DJs (top DJs) who earn over £100,000 a year. The work of a DJ (Disc Jockey) is mainly to play music for audiences live at venues or entertain listener on the radio. A DJ can use various formats (CD, digital MP3 or even vinyl) and various equipment i.e. mixers, turntables and microphones.
How much a DJ aka Disc Jokey gets paid can vary based on how they charge, either by a contracted amount or per hour/s, gig/set or if freelancing per night. The DJ's that bring in the biggest crowd of club goers earn top dollar. A popular Southern California DJ Samatha Ronsen demands up to $10,000 for 2 hours.
Well, if the disc jockey works for a commercial radio station then he/she is paid by the station for what he/she physically does at the station. They also can get paid by doing remotes or special appearances and those sometimes are paid by whoever is hosting the event.
The amount of money a DJ makes is a lot; a successful DJ that plays at a night could make around $3000 for a few hours. A radio DJ makes $200, 000 to $300, 000 a year.
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