How much does a Dodge Ram weigh?


The 2014 Ram 2500 HD Power Wagon has a curb weight of 6700 pounds. However, smaller models will be lighter and have lower towing capacity, while the larger 3500 will have more weight and more towing capacity.

The best measure of a vehicle's weight is its curb weight, which is the estimated weight of an unaltered, unencumbered vehicle. Heavy duty commercial vehicles tend to be designed for maximum torque, but given their large frames and engines, that torque is converted into hauling power rather than raw speed. Lighter vehicles also have much smaller tires that are more effective at putting power to the road rather than simply moving heavy objects.

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1. Check for fuel leaks or a strong gasoline smell. Some Dodge Rams made after 1994 used a rollover valve on the fuel tank. This rollover valve can allow liquid fuel to leak onto
Curb Weight of a Dodge Ram 1500 is 4,952 lbs.
1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Loosen the nut on the negative clamp and lift the cable off the battery terminal. 2. Remove the screws on the back of the fog light assembly
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