How Much Does a Dollar General Store Manager Make?


As of January 6, 2013 the average Dollar General store managers will make approximately $53,000 per year. This amount can vary based on experience, location and benefits. The more time spent as store manager can affect the average pay as well.
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Dollar General is a small-box discount retailer offering a wide range of affordable brand-name consumer products. Based out of Goodlettsville, Tennessee, the Dollar General Corporation has 10,000 locations across 40 US states. Job hunters who see an ad for an open position in management at one of their stores are probably wondering how much a Dollar General manager makes in a year. According to people who have worked this job in the past, the average salary is $38,000, with plenty of room for growth for dedicated, hardworking employees.
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It depends mainly on your experience and partly on sales volume of the store you are taking, the area, and the economy at the time! Usually store managers start out at around 31,000
Not including bonus pay, commissions, or cash bonuses, Dollar
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$18 to $22 per hour. - Joe
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