How Much Does a Double Decker Bus Weigh?


The avarage weight of a double decker bus is 7ton 7cwt, 7530kg rm - 7ton 14cwt, 7950kg rml while emty.
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A double decker bus weights 14560 Kg so around 15 tonnes.
1. Research the type of bus you require for your specific needs. There are the famous London red buses (called Routemasters) with rear stairs, or newer versions with stairs a third
Not having had one on a weigh bridge I am only guessing. It depends on the axle weight tolerances. A 'normal' 4 wheel ( 2 axle ) bus is based on an 18 tonne truck chassis ( 11.5 tonne
The routemaster double decker weights 7ton 7cwt unladen and 11ton 10cwt laden. Source(s)
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The price of a second hand Double Decker bus is determined by the age/condition, year of manufacturer and number of seats. The type of make/model and mileage covered ...
The most famous of all the London buses is the red double decker. The London Routemaster bus was first produced in 1959, and an empty Routemaster weighed 7 ton ...
A double-decker bus is a bus that has two storeys. Most of double decker buses are between 9.5 meters and 11.0?meters (36?ft?1?in) long. Double Decker bus Dimension ...
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