How Much Does a Double Decker Bus Weigh?


The avarage weight of a double decker bus is 7ton 7cwt, 7530kg rm - 7ton 14cwt, 7950kg rml while emty.
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Rental will depend upon the size and amenities of the
On the average, a 38', 84 passenger school bus weighs in between 11 & 14 Tons (22,000 to 28,000 pounds) curb weight without passengers. When you add 84 passengers, say high school
The engines used for these buses were all manufactured by Cummins. Earlier models use M11-305E, a 305-hp engine comply with Euro II standards, or ISM-330 330hp engine for the buses
Large buses typically weight 23,000 lbs- or more! Any other questions for us?
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