How much does a drop ceiling cost per square foot?


The cost of a drop ceiling varies based on the square footage of the ceiling. According to Homewyse, drop ceilings cost between $3.63 and $4.09 per square foot. A drop ceiling consists of individual ceiling tiles applied to the bottom of a ceiling. A plastic, wood or metal grid on the ceiling keeps those tiles from shifting and moving.

The cost of a drop ceiling also varies based on whether the homeowner does the job himself or hires a professional. According to Costwise, the materials necessary for a drop ceiling cost between $300 and $400. Doing the job one's self can drop the cost down to $2 per square foot. Armstrong, CertainTeed and multiple other manufacturers create the tiles and other materials needed to install a drop ceiling. As it is easy to adjust the tiles to reach ducts, vents and other elements in the ceiling, many homeowners find a number of benefits associated with installing a drop ceiling in their homes. If they decide to do the job themselves, they will also need to pay for specialized equipment, including a miter saw, planer and nailer. Professional installers have the necessary tools and equipment, but they will charge an additional labor fee for the job.

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