How Much Does A Dryer Weigh?


A clothes dryer is a home laundry appliance that is used to dry clothes.Most dryers are made up of a rotating drum, called a tumbler, through which hot air is circulated to evaporate moisture from wet clothes. The tumbler is rotated to maintain air between the clothes in the load. Dryers continuously draw in the cool air and heat it before pushing it through the tumbler. The hot, humid air is then vented outside to make room for more dry air to continue the drying process. The typical household dryer weighs between 100-150 pounds, depending on the make and model.
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The weight varies by make and model, however you can expect a washer and dryer set to have a combined weight of roughly 300 pounds (136 kg) According to, the weight
The specific dimensions of the very first dryer are not specified b...
I am not sure the weight of your model.I would recommend going to a rental company.and rent an appliance dolly with a ratchet type strap some have wheels on the back this is used
my guess would be around 2lbs.
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The exact weight of a dryer varies. In general, the typical household dryer weighs in at about one hundred to one hundred fifty pounds.
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