How Much Does a Ds Cost?


The Nintendo DS can cost around 150 US dollars depending on where and when it is purchased. Periodic sales will bring the cost of it down considerably
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How much a Nintendo DS cost depends on where you get it, and what version you get. On average the DS Lite is $130. The DSI is $150, DSI XL $170 and the new 3DS is $250.
A Nintendo DS Lite console will cost $129.99 for a brand new hand held console. There is also a Nintendo DSI for $149.99 and a Nintendo DSI XL for $169.99.
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Depends on which Nintendo DS system you are referring to. The new Nintendo DSi costs about 170 on Amazon and you can get it in a few different colors. You can find more information
a Ds cost 80 dollars in walmart.
A DSi can be traded for $75, and the 3DS costs $250. Trading a DSi for a 3DS would cost you about $175 without tax.
In smyths (Northen ireland) IT is £25
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With a newer model DS that just came out, the prices for the DS lite dropped a little. You can now find a new DS Lite for about $120. You can get a used DS Lite ...
The cost of a Nintendo DS should cost around 70 pounds. However, each retailer sets their own prices and one can get the console for cheap online. ...
How much a Nintendo DS costs depends on if it is new, used, or refurbished. It also depends on the time of year it is. Usually they cost between 60 and 200 US ...
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