How Much Does a Family of Four Spend on Groceries?


How much a family of four will spend on groceries each month will depend on a few factors. The first is how much the family brings in per year, the location of the family and how often they shop for groceries. On average, a family with a median income of $75,000 annually will spend about $500 per month on groceries. This is about 13 percent of the annual income that will be spent to feed the family each month.
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1. Buy in bulk! Budget $5 per month for items such as beans, whole wheat flour, flax seed etc. The items needed may change monthly, but the budget will remain the same. 2. Limit meats
well it depends if your poor or rich but the average is $50-150.
According to the U.S. Department of
I spend around a 100 a week for a family of 4. That's breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for 2 Adults and 2 small boys. I use coupons like nobodies business and always shop the
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