How Much Does a Feather Weigh?


The weight of a feather will depend on how big of a feather you are weighing. The average goose feather weighs about .00125 pounds. You will need a very sensitive scale to accurately measure a feather's weight. 
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That seems like a trick question to me! You could certainly gather enough feathers to equal the 'weight' of a rock. Weight is a measure of gravitational force on an object. The pull
In most instances a full sized feather will weigh more than a toothpick.
The average weight of a feather is - .00125 pounds, so 30,000 times...
Good try, but they both weigh a pound.
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The weight of a feather depends on the type of bird the feather comes from. There are bigger birds that have larger tail and wing feathers, but the standard feather weighs about an ounce.
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