How Much Does a Fiberglass Cast Weigh?


The amount that a fiberglass cast weighs depends on the size of the cast. A short leg cast would weigh between 2 and 3 pounds. A short arm cast would weigh about 1-2 pounds.
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The fiberglass cast that reaches from the toes up to just below the knee weighs one and a half pounds. This answer was from a very experienced nurse at the Hospital for Special Surgery
1. Understand that casting is as much an art as it is a science. While making sure specific techniques are adhered to, making the cast as presentable, protective and functional as
A cast made of a water activated polyurethane resin incorporated into a bandage; used for fractured limbs. Has the virtues of very light weight, great strength and very quick setting
I would say less than a couple of pounds. They're pretty light. Curious to know why you ask.
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The weight of a leg cast depends on how big the cast is. A cast made out of five repeated rolls of bandage six inches in width would weigh approximately 5 pounds ...
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