How much does a fifth of Absolut Vodka cost?


Find the Best sells a 750-milliliter bottle of 80-proof Absolut Vodka for approximately $20. The actual price paid depends on the retailer and the location.

The shelf price varies based on the outlet’s mark-up and taxes applicable in their location. Roughly half of the states control the sale of liquor including the amount of mark-up. In unregulated states, the mark-up a store adds may vary from one to the next. Excise taxes vary widely from state to state, from a low of zero in Vermont and New Hampshire up to $35.22 per gallon in Washington State. State and local sales taxes and additional taxes levied by some local jurisdictions may add yet more to the retail price.

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1/5 of Liter, a good vodka is Absolut cost about $20.00 or try grey
It depends on the size of the bottle/container, if it is brand name vodka or not, and how good the vodka is (the best vodka in the world, the worst, etc.).
First of all, it's impossible to buy a fifth anymore. Everything is measured in litres now. Second, the price varies a lot, depending on where you live. All alchoholic beverages are
A fifth of Smirnoff Vodka is approximately $15-$20, depending on local taxes and distributors.
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