How Much Does a Ford E350 Van Weigh?


To determine how much a Ford E350 van will weigh, consider a few key factors. First, the model year and the trim package, features, and add-ons all play a role in the overall cost. The engine type can also make a significant difference in the overall weight of this car. If you were to need the weight of a 2010 Ford E350 as a 15-passenger van, then the weight is about 6252 pounds. It can weigh more or less if it is a different year or style.
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Curb weight: 4773 lbs. Maybe, but that must be a stripped Cargo version. Ford says the 2010 E-350 weighs 5,404, and I would guess that is with little to no fuel and no optional equipment
1. Unhook the clips on the engine cover inside the cab. Lift the engine cover off and set it out of the way. 2. Locate the throttle position sensor on the driver's side of the throttle
The height of a 2001 Ford E350 Van is 83.4 inches.
Try this article. I have the same problem and I think it is the vacuum motor that controls the door for changing from hot/cold in the rear heater box (located inside behind the L
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