How Much does a Ford F-250 Weigh?


Depending on what style you have and your engine size, the weight will vary. For the 2008 F-250 5.4L 4x2 Supercab XLT weighs in at 5991 Lbs. as per manufactures specs.
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Several things factor into this questions. What is the cab style, what motor, and what bed length. Log Bed Regular Cab 5046.8lbs. My WA State title says 6234 for my Crew Cab shortbox
It depends. You need to find out what year the truck is. Is the truck two wheel drive or four wheel drive? What engine/transmission does it have? All of these things can vary the
2007 Ford F-Series Super Duty(r) is the proven leader in the over-8,500-pound
1. Follow the transmission flush machine’s specific instructions for filling the machine with clean transmission fluid and load 17 quarts of Mercon V transmission fluid into
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