How much does a Ford F-350 weigh?


The Ford F350 weighs 5, 5818 lbs in curb weight. This is with the standard features. However, the gross weight rating for the Ford F350 is 10,000 lbs.
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The gross vehicle weight rating of a Ford F350 is around (lbs) 9,900, curb weight.
I have a 2002 Crew Cab 4x4 with single rear wheels and a long bed with a fiberglass camper shell and it weighs approximately 7625 pounds.
1. Cut some coils off of the factory suspension springs to give your F-350 a lower ride height. Be sure that the springs are cut equally at all four corners to ensure an even ride
The 2003 Ford F-350 was offered as an XL, XLT or Lariat. The standard gas engines and curb weights were measured at: XL: 5.4L V8, 5,415lb; engine weight 540lb. XLT: 6.8L V10, 6,993lb
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According to, the curb weight of a Ford F350 was 5,954 pounds in 2012. The payload capacity was 4,140 pounds, making the gross vehicle weight 10,000 pounds. This number is an estimate because optional features may add to the weight. The truck has 44 different trim packages, two different engine sizes, and two different gas tank sizes. Examples of options that could affect the truck's weight are bedliners, tonneau covers, allow wheels, and rear anti-roll bars.
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