How Much Does a Freelance Photographer Charge?


Working as a freelance photographer is a great job. Typically, freelance photographers charge based on the event they are shooting. Sometimes they charge only about $20 for a shoot, but other times the charge can up to $500.
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That depends on how serious the photographer is and what type of photography they do. One example is microstock photographers that post on these sites:
According to the BLS, the mean salary in 2010 for computer software engineers that specialize in applications was $87,900. The median salary was $85,430. The lowest paid 10 percent
You need to have a good critical eye for compositions and you have be conscious of visually keeping things in focus. For a beginner, you can't yet do wedding photos or portraiture
Think of the highest number you can possibly ask for without blushing. Double it. Now you know your day rate.
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