How Much Does a French Passport Cost?


As of September 2009, the cost for an adult passport and for children ages 15 to 18 was 88 Euros. Passports for adults and children ages 15 to 18 are valid for 10 years. For children under, 15 years old the cost of a passport is 44 Euros.
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The French passport differs in cost depending on your age. If you are between the ages of 15 and 18 your passport cost 88 euros, and expires in 10 years. If you 15 and under your passport will only cost you 44 euros and is good for 5 years.
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The cost of the passport will depend on if you have a passport already. Anyone 16 and over can receive a passport for the first time for $100.00 for the passport book.
1. Your French passport is valid until its expiration date. At that time, it is no longer valid for travel. Therefore, it is wise not to wait until the last minute to renew a passport
How much a French drain will cost depends on several things. One important factor is the size. Some will need a longer one than other will need. The longer the length, the more expensive
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