How much does a full keg of beer weigh?


A full metal keg of beer weighs approximately 160.5 pounds. The weight of the beer in the keg weighs 130.8 pounds and the keg container itself weighs 29.7 pounds. The keg is capable of dispensing 124 6-ounce pints.

A person should never lift a keg of beer alone, as this causes back injuries. Instead, two people each carry a handle, lifting the keg together and taking small steps to walk the keg to its final destination. While the standard keg weighs 160.5 pounds when it is full, there are other types of kegs that weigh much less and are easier for one person to carry alone.

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A full keg is 15.5 gallons of beer. It weighs as
There are 15½ gallons in a keg. That is equal to about 165 beer. The price depends whether the beer is domestic or not. It also depends where you live. I bought a keg for $87CAD
A full keg weighs 160lbs or 2,560 ounces. There are 213 glasses of beer per keg. Got pretzels?
A full 50 litre beer keg weighs 67kg, and contains 105.66 pints of beer. Try not to hurt yourself when you are lifting one!
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