How Much Does a Gallon of Peanut Oil Weigh?


A gallon of peanut oil has an approximate weight of 3.4 kilograms. Weight of liquids is determined by their masses as they cannot be measured on their own since they have no shape.
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Peanut oil is 7.5 pounds a gallon. Thanks for asking ChaCha!
7.6 pounds per gallon of peanut oil. Actually peanut oil weighs 7.7 pounds per gallon per the the USDA ( see page 44 of the document at
A gallon is a gallon, so a gallon of peanut oil weighs 1 gallon. Or there's the breakdown of other measurement units: * U.S. liquid gallon is 231 in³ (exactly) or 128 U.S. fluid
For each gallon of peanut oil it weighs 7.6 lbs.
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