How Much Does a Gallon of Petrol Cost?


As at 2011, a gallon of petrol costs on average £6. This price is affected by the international price of oil, instability in the Middle East, inflation rates and the level of taxation in the UK. You can get the current and past prices of oil per barrel in the BBC website, under the commodities section.
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one shilling and six pence.
In England, a gallon of petrol costs around £1.30 per liter, or
1. Establish the capacity of the vehicle's petrol tank. Find this information in the owner's manual for the vehicle, and alternatively find it on line or by visiting a dealership
Uh, whats petrol? We don't have that here, we have gas. But in NJ (across the Outerbridge from Staten Island) I've been seeing very low $2.70s. I havent crossed the Bridge in a few
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On average, a gallon of petrol in the UK goes for £6. Petrol prices are approximately £132.12 per litre for unleaded premium and £137.92 per ...
A gallon of petrol costs 1s 11d and a week at the Victoria Hotel, Buttermere costs £5 5s. ...
A gallon of petrol in England costs about £6. This is an increase from about £3.50 at the beginning of the year. As fuel prices continue to rise, ...
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