How Much Does a Genealogist Make?


The salary of a genealogist can differ depending on experience and the number of hours worked. Generally, a self employed genealogist may earn up to £28,000 annually.
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How Much Does a Genealogist Make?
Genealogists can be considered history detectives. They use various resources and research methods to trace a person's ancestry. Most genealogists started out researching their own family history, and after developing an interest in the process, decided... More »
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1. Think about whether your personality is a good fit for a job in genealogy. Genealogists enjoy research, history and helping others learn more about themselves. If you enjoy these
1. Attend genealogy seminars and conferences. Whether it's a seminar at your local library, a conference at a nearby large city or the 4-day-long Family History Conference sponsored
Genealogist is an expert in genealogy. Genealogy is the study of family ancestries and histories.
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