How Much Does a Goat Cost?


The cost of a goat depends completely on the breed and if the animal is registered. You should expect to spend about $1,256 or more for a decent pair of quality wethers goat.
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Goat prices range from 50-1000 dollars depending on the breed and where you buy it. If your interested in buying a goat try it helps you locate a goat breeder/seller
Around 4-5 thousand taka for standard size. Price also varies from BDT 1000 to 10000 based on size... Embed
Just like with dogs, it depends completely on the breed and if the animal is registered.
200 Dollars for a decent one. Nubians. Nigerian Dwarfs. Alpines.
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It depends on where you live. In the United States, a goat can cost around $100 to $350 dollars. It also depends on the goat. If it's a show goat it can cost hundreds or thousands.
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The cost of a goat depends on several different things including where you actually go to purchase it. They usually start at about $250 dollars at minimum if purchased ...
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