How much does a golf club weigh?


Golf clubs on average weigh less than a pound each. The types of clubs are wood, iron, wedge, hybrid, putter and chipper. The weight of a club depends on various demographics such as shaft property, club-heads, length and type of swing desired.

According to, "since the 1930's, golfers have been paying attention to weight and using a concept describing the feel of a club's (dynamic) weight, "swing-weight." Golfers, like any other athlete, try to attain a competitive advantage. In most cases, equipment provides such an advantage so that golfers will work and consult with manufacturers to achieve advantageous results on the golf course.

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There is not a defined weight that a golf ball has to be, however it cannot exceed a certain weight. It cannot exceed 1.620 ounces (oz)
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A golf ball is approximately 32.5 grams or 0.318 716 125 93 Newton.
8 pounds
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