How much does a gram of crack cost?


In the United States, a gram of crack cocaine sold as 'rocks' and depending on the neighborhood and quality could cost anywhere from $40 to $80. In Columbia a gram costs about $2 in contrast to $714 in New Zealand. Crack cocaine is a dangerous, illegal drug and quality or purity cannot be guaranteed on the street.
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A large rock would cost about $40, but a small rock would be about $10-20. Which is why crack is so popular with teenagers or the very poor. $50 dollars. (Forget anything that comes
1 gram of crack costs between $100-140. ChaCha again soon!
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While I love Ben's answer, which refers to the price of 7 grams of Charlie Sheen himself (which surely must be variable based on what part you're getting seven grams of), the actual
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Crack could be as low as $20 a rock or close to $70 or $80 for a large rock. Crack is highly addictive and not something you just want to try for fun. ...
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