How much does a guinea pig cost?


As of 2014, male and female guinea pigs are available at most any neighborhood pet store for approximately $32.99 to $37.99, according to PetSmart, though pricing may vary by location. Availability is seasonal and state and local regulations also vary.

According to PetSmart, guinea pigs may be kept alone or with a same-gender companion in a well-ventilated home equipped with plenty of space for a food dish, water bottle, hiding areas and other accessories. Since guinea pigs are unable to manufacture vitamin C, a supplement must be added to their water every day. The front teeth of guinea pigs continuously grow, so they also need healthy treat sticks for chewing.

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cuddle it up in a nice warm shirt or blanket and put in on you so it knows its safe and stand really still. and so as your still with the guinea pig you will see the eyes close and
Guinea pig balls cost between $10-15, depending on the size and where you shop.
I went to petco and spent around $170.00 on EVERYTHING including the guinea pig. The cage was the most expensive because I just got a normal cage, so if your getting a C&C cage
I Got one at petsmart for about 34$
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