How Much Does a Gyrocopter Cost?


A gyrocopter kit can be purchased for under $10,000, but many average around $12,000-$15,000. Suppliers will sell them disassembled and assembled.
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Gyroplanes can be custom constructed from plans, built from kits, or purchased. The plane can be constructed from plans for under $10,000. Expect to pay double as much for a single-seating gyroplane kit. Used gyroplanes range from about $5,000 and up, perhaps with several thousand dollars more after maintenance. Two-seater gyroplanes will be most expensive, as much as the price of some small airplanes. Plus, there are additional costs to factor in beyond the gyrocopter itself: fuel costs will vary by usage and either new or gently used safety materials will be necessary. Not to mention novice flyers should expect to fork over an additional $3,000-$7,000 for 30-35 hours of gyroplane flight training.
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