How Much Does a Headstone Cost?


Headstones are mostly made from marbles and granite with the cost depending on the design and the size of the headstone. The average cost of most of these headstones is approximately £50-£75.
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The prices vary from a cost per character to Free. I like to stick with Free working so I don't have to be concerned about what I say.
Headstones, or gravemarkers can cost as little as $100 in to the 10s of thousands
You should be able to look at a variety of headstones and get quotes in your area. The price range varies depending on what you get. We got one for my mother in 2000 and it was over
visit a graveyard and look at some headstones you like and also how worn they are/what the lettering is like. If you go cheap on it then after 12 months of british weather it will
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The price of a headstone varies from situation to situation. Some people want a more simple headstone which may only cost a few hundred dollars while others want elaborate engraving which could cost them thousands.
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