How much does a helicopter cost?


The cost of a helicopter varies widely depending upon which type you want to buy, but prices for used helicopters rarely start below $60,000 for personal crafts. New helicopters are far more expensive, with most lower-end models costing well over a million dollars.

The cost of a helicopter depends on several factors, including whether it is new or used, how large it is and the model of the helicopter itself. The most common personal helicopter is the Robinson R22, which starts at around $150,000.

One of the most expensive personal helicopters on the market is the AgustaWestland AW101, which costs $21 million.

Even the cost of running a helicopter is high, starting anywhere from $300 per hour including factors such as fuel, maintenance and repair costs throughout the year. This figure also includes insurance for the helicopter, which is substantially more expensive than automobile insurance.

Used helicopters generally cost less to purchase, but typically incur higher repair and maintenance costs that will offset any savings made by buying a used model. Newer, smaller helicopters designed for personal use are slightly less expensive than previous models released for personal use. One of these, the Sherpa, sells for $200,000 and seats two.

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